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George Moussa started Stonemasons & Landscapers 44 years ago in 1970. George has been a stonemason and landscaper from the age of 16 years. Over the years, his sons have been groomed for their roles in key positions in the business. Stonemasons & Landscapers is a strong family business built on pride and reputation.

Over time, the ever increasing expertise within the company and broadening project experience has significantly grown the business. Stonemasons & Landscapers has progressed from small residential jobs to major projects across NSW in the public works, private build corp. and local council sectors.

Quality Policy

Stonemasons & Landscapers Quality Policy is as follows:

This business is committed to supplying premium services to its clients. To this end, the Quality environment is not only the responsibility of this business, but it is also the responsibility of each person within our business to ensure that Quality is implemented and maintained.

Our philosophy is to achieve this objective by providing the highest level of integrity, quality of products, and professionalism in customer service.

This business prides itself in supplying quality services that adhere to this Quality Policy to ensure that clients are guaranteed they will receive only the best possible service at all times.
We also believe that Quality Assurance related directly to our suppliers and our policy is to use only those suppliers who have a standard of Quality Assurance commensurate with our own, thereby ensuring the foregoing.

It is our policy that every person who comes into contact with this business is a potential client and should therefore be treated as a valued customer who deserves the best we have to offer.

It is our policy to consistently provide professional services which fully meet the contractual requirements of our clients. Quality Management will be developed in conjunction with, and supported by staff and management.

The business commitment to quality is as follows:

  • Provide Quality Services meeting clients needs.
  • Provide services on a “right first time” basis.
  • Customer complaints will be promptly resolved in a manner ensuring that lasting
  • remedial action is taken.
  • Ensure that Quality Awareness is maintained at every level of the organisation. Each and every employee will have a responsibility for the quality and reliability of our services.
  • Ensure that all personnel understand our business goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that all personnel acquire the necessary technical skill and competence to achieve quality education and training.
  • Conduct business affairs profitably and ethically.

This Quality Policy is a basic fundamental to the business operations and the Quality program is an on-going commitment from all staff at all times